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Today's cars are being further perfected to function as a luxury everyday mode of transport. That's great if you want to get from A to B comfortably and silently. But will you also enjoy a ride in these cars at the weekend?

Almost Classic Cars is there to fulfill the need for cars that offer such a driving experience that you regularly sit behind the wheel with a big smile. Not so much for everyday use, but for the weekend rides on B-roads and winding dikes. Almost Classic Cars does not focus on cars with downsizing engines, but on large engines in compact cars.

I, Juriaan Poot, am a passionate car enthusiast. You can see that passion in the cars I sell. Each and every one of these are characteristic cars that have been selected for their specific properties. The majority of these cars are completely overhauled after purchase, so that they are in top condition before being handed over to the next owner. With this above-average quality, Almost Classic Cars distinguishes itself from the many other providers that offer similar cars.

So are you looking for that coveted hot hatch you couldn't afford at 18, the street version of that rally icon from the last millennium, or just a really cool sports car? Then take a quick look at the collection or between the expected cars. That car from your bucket list or guilty pleasure, it is definitely there.

Is your dream car not listed? Send an email to

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